Race Series Rules & Standings

Downeast Conservation Trail Race Series 2018

Final Series Results


In order to be eligible for series prizes you must complete at least 5 “events.” An “event” is one of the 6 events listed or at least 4 hours of certified volunteer trail work in 2018 at any of the participating conservation areas. ie. you are still eligible for the series if you only finish 4 of the trail races but also complete a day of trail work between 1 August and 31 October.

Your series score will be assessed on the basis of your placement by age and gender category as determined in each race. If you are first in your age and gender group you score 1. Second place scores 2. etc. We add your 5 best scores across the series and the lowest total wins. For example, if you come second in your age and gender group in 2 races and third in 3 races you would score 2 x 2 = 4 plus 3 x 3 = 9. And 4 + 9 = 13 for your total score. Note, you automatically score a 1 for doing a day of trail work. But only one day of trail work will be included in your series score – so you cannot win by doing 5 days of trail work! Your day of trail work must be recorded by the relevant conservation organization.

The 1st Annual Downeast Conservation Trail Race Series is hosted by a coalition of six local Downeast conservation organizations working to preserve Downeast Maine’s natural environment. These unique races take place on community supported nature and wildlife preserves across Downeast Maine from Surry to Grand Lake Stream. In addition to prizes and awards at each race, runners who complete the series become eligible for the Downeast Conservation Trail Race Series grand prize!


Go to downeastconservationraces.org and follow the links to sign up for each race you want to participate in. Online registration for each race ends one week before scheduled race day. In person registration on the day of each race will close 30 minutes before the race begins.