What People Say

I had never done trails before; I don’t think I’ll go back to pavement. I had no idea how hard it was, but I loved the challenge. Plus, it was scenic, not boring.

I used to do Roller Derby and was looking for something to motivate me to drive myself to achieve things and feel good. I am more comfortable in the woods than anywhere else.

It was a chance to do something with my husband who is a runner. I started training this summer. The series was a motivator for me to keep going. It’s been really inspiring. The people who come are encouraging. I didn’t know all the trails were out there. They are challenging. It's fun to have other places to go.

It was a chance to see more trails and conservation lands. It was motivation to challenge myself. Today was my first half-marathon, and the series made me fit to do it. My wife and son also ran. I got to know some other people. It was great to see so many kids running trails.

I like meeting new people. It’s a community. The food was great. Signing up was so easy. I’m on for next year!

I love running. I’m on the cross-country team at The Peninsula School. My coach told me about it.  You see things on the trails in the woods. It’s more fun and more challenging.

My kids could do the races. It’s a great family event with a positive community. Kids can get into running as a lifelong sport. My daughter, 10, did three of the races.